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Amarone is a posh Italian restaurant with a nice romantic feel right in the centre of Edinburgh. The restaurant is in a grandeur building with a very high ceiling which makes it a calm space. We ate in the restaurant we my toddler around 2.00PM so it was very quiet. There were two other ladies with a baby who looked like they were enjoying themselves too. I loved Amarone very much and I would go to the restaurant again.
There was a bar area which was separate to the side of the main restaurant. The food was incredible and very authentic as confirmed by my Italian fine dining companion. I am tempted to proclaim that the rissoto I had is  the best Italian food Ive had outside of Italy. The prices were bery reasonably too and in true Italian fashion the staff were all very nice and polite and even stopping to speak and engage with the little one.

Amaron Italian restaurant is on George street, close to Waverley Station. When you come in to Scotland from London or anywhere from the South of UK, you will disembark at either Edinburgh Haymarket train station or Waverley train station. This restaurant in the beautiful city of Edinburgh is one you have to experience. It has a nice classy decor with good lighting, it is also spacious and has a nice buzz especially around 5.30PM when it starts filling up with city workers. 

The plus side is that we found it very easy to move between the tables with the little one being a little energetic.  The ventilation in the restaurant is very good even when it got really packed by 6.00PM