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2013 update:  Anomabo resort had a mishap where the kitchen got washed away with the tide in Novemeber 2013. The resort was rebuilt again.

Anomabo is a small coastal town in the central region of Ghana with a serene environment. It is also my number one peaceful spot in Ghana for recommendation. The resort lies next to the village which itself is a very small village about the length of 3/4 of a mile walk. The resort has beautiful faux mud chalets in front of the sea and in early mornings you can see the fishermen from the village coming back in their canoes with thier night catch.

The resort has internet, fan rooms and air condition rooms. It is about half a mile away from the main road so you do not hear the traffic at all. The restaurant which is built on stilts and over looks the sea serves incredible local and continental seafood dishes.
The resort is kept very clean although it is not a good idea to enter the village from the back of the resort as you will be forced to walk through the small border between the village and the resort which no one takes responsibility for its cleanliness.  Unfortunately if you use this route in the early mornings, you will be confronted with the sight of both adults and children squatting on the ground in the process of easing themselves into a stream that runs into the sea.