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Cushion covers designs have a powerful contribution adding to the over all look of a room as they add the final touches to a room’s décor. It is important to first understand how patterns and colour can affect sight and moods well ahead of choosing the ideal cushion cover design for any room.

The 6 points below outlines what you need to take into consideration when choosing cushion covers designs, aside from the size, comfort and practicality when choosing your ideal cushion for a room. As they are something that you will have for a long time and see frequently, it pays to actually spend time thinking about how you want your ideal cushion to look ahead of actually searching to buy.

The three biggest mistakes that we make, when choosing cushion cover designs, is 1) by making a selection based on price and 2) not paying attention at the type of fabric it is made with. A cheap looking cushion can have a pretty pattern but if the fabric used is horrendous it lets the cushion down badly. Extra attachments and frilly bits can also look very ugly after a few washes and terrible sewing also begins to show after some time. 3) The fillings used for the insert is equally important, natural flings such as cotton,  wool and down (feather) are more comfortable than synthetics flings such as polyester hollow fibre fillings.







When selecting a cushion, you need to consider the following.

  1. It is essential that you can remove the covers so it can be cleaned.
  2. Choose natural fillings such as cotton or  feathers. Synthetic fibre is hard at first but goes flat when worn and devalues a good cushion cover design.
  3. Choose a pattern colour design that will compliment your room.
  4. Choose a pattern that complements the theme of your room. If your room has a classic dull or warm wall paint and other décor, a unicorn pattern on a cushion will clearly stand out like a sore thumb.
  5. Use a colour wheel to choose the right colour and tone that will compliment your room. Your options are a softer, lighter, brighter, paler or a pastel version of your colour choice.
  6. Patterns can actually affect our mood. It is important to pay good attention to the patterns that forms the design of a cushion before buying.  Don’t  just simply buy based on abstract, geometric, asymmetric etc without researching how patterns affects our sight and mental  state.