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Healthy banana ice cream

Healthy banana ice cream  I have barely made regular ice cream enough times to even attempt making a healthier ice cream version. Having a toddler, it is important to me to keep a balance between feeding him a nutritious diet as well as making him feel like he is missing out on certain things.

He eventually accepted my promise that I had gelato at home and I will let him have some. He helped me to make this dairy free ice cream made with just two ingredients. It turned out to be a hit with him. He has only just returned from spending 4 weeks in Rome and so I was understandably nervous about him enjoying this healthier ice cream. Although the recipe is simple, it had a creamy texture and it was not icy even in the absence of eggs and cream.
This ice cream is made with bananas that were frozen for three days. Traditional hand churned ice cream is made at home by having to take it out of the freezer almost every hour just to whip it a bit more and then place it back into the freezer.
Most normal ice cream recipe ask for the addition of a rich dairy like cream and eggs.  Early vegan and dairy free ice cream recipes substitutes these with fat like coconut oil but with this recipe you can omit coconut or fat altogether. I don’t even  think it is necessary to have fat as an additive in home-made dairy free ice cream especially if you are going to make just enough to eat instantly.

The recipe calls for the bananas to be frozen for a few days so that they are hard and when blended, the ice in the banana gives it the ice cream consistency. You can also take your pick of dairy free milk, even one you make yourself with nuts like almonds or a cereal like rice or soya.

Recipe Type: Desert
Cuisine: Vegan
Author: Yaa S. Fumanti
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 2
  • 5 bananas
  • 1/2 mug full milk(dairy free milk)
  1. cut up bananas and freeze for 3 days
  2. remove the frozen bananas from the freezer
  3. pour milk into the blender and add the bananas
  4. put the blender onand blend till everything is smooth
  5. pour into serving glasses and garnish with syrup, fruit or what you will normally serve ice cream with


It is a good idea to cut the bananas into small slices to make it easy for the blades to chop up and blend the banana.