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Delvinaki is a sweet clean village up on the hills in Ioannina in the Epirus Region of Greece. It is a small village with a population of about 1000 if not less but it has modern amenities such as good internet connection as it benefited from EU fundings. We came to attend the christening of a friends son, our friend is from Delvinaki but she studied at Manchester University in the 90’s before returning back.

Delvinaki is anout 3 hours drive from Igouminista. We came from Igoumista as we originally flew to Corfu. Delvinaki in Greece is simply separated from Albania by the mountains. It is a picturesque place that has maintained its traditional architecture, way of life and livelihoods.

beautiful and quiet Greece holiday spot for people who are interested in an off the beaten path location in Greece. You will hardly meet any tourist in this part of Greece.

The locals in Delvinaki are very friendly, as I was pregnant it made striking conversations very easy. Although all the communications I had with people were by signing and smiling. I think my presence in the village was clearly a bit of a novelty. It is a serene place tucked away in the mountains and I am sure visits to the village bu black people are seldom.

We stayed at the Peonia traditional guesthouse which is a small establishment with very clean rooms, with a warm service and nice food. It is run by really helpful and nice people. I understand that it is possible in Delvinaki for helicopter landings however it is also about an hour and half traveling from Ioaninna which has an airport. Delvinaki joined Greece after the the Balkan wars in 1913.

Delvinaki guest house picture
Peonie traditional guest house – photo credit:
The view from the front door of the The Peonie traditional guest house. Delvinaki, Greece