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Rob Bell in his podcast below talks us through how to find inner peace and calmness when we are going through a wave of situations that makes us feel under pressure. He uses an example of his personal experience recently where lost control whilst surfing and found himself caught in a big wave.

 What I liked most listening to this particular podcast, Episode 18, It comes in waves from Rob Bell is when he shares that usually with plane crashes what happens is that the pilot would make a first mistake and in the panic that pursued they make another one and another under frantic decisions. This shows that when we are under pressure and a lot of stress it is very important to try and become calm.  Try to not make decisions about revenge or even try to understand what has brought us to the point where we are.

This is a must listen if you are going through any situation that makes everything look bleak and it seems there is no way out. Try the techniques he talks about to help you remain calm whilst waiting for the storm to pass.