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We visited Ioannina (pronounced Jannena ) in the North West of Greece in a quick week of travelling in the Greece. Unfortunately we only spent short time here but we went on a lot of walks around the town and I loved it. I was 5 months pregnant, I had no appetite and I was pretty irritatble. The town was busy with life all day long. In fact at night the centre became a buzzing minefield of young people including sweet looking young couples and young families.

The restaurant were all dressed up to look very pretty and inviting but prices were really low. There also sweet open side bars that are created in semi permanent structures that are open for business in the summer and shut during winter. These were in a line along the river with beautiful views of hills and the river. The town has cute shops that are own by traditional craft people such a shop that sews brassier, an iron smith shop and other retro trades.

Ionnina is also the capital of Epirus which is also northwest of Athens and southwest of Thessaloniki.It is a thriving town with a university and when we visited in July, there were a few tourist around. One thing I loved about visiting Greece is that I ate so much Greek salad than I have ever done before. I was expecting that Greece will have an abundance of food like Italy does so I was little prepared for the limited amount of food that was on offer.

All the same, I loved our trip to Greece as it was a calm soulful journey. We travelled from Manchester to Corfu and from Corfu we got the ferry to Igouminista and then continued the journey driving to Ionnina where we spent 2 days before continuing on to Delvinaki.

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