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Jollof rice is a dish that is eaten across West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Senegal. It is quiet similar to a tomato risotto recipe but is cooked with regular rice like basmati. Jollof recipes taste really juicy as you will have to cook a stew with tomatoes and your favorite spices first before adding your rice.
how to cook ghanaian food recipe for jollof

The original recipe for cooking jollof is lengthy as you have to simmer the stew in oil for a long while, having a one month old baby now means that more than ever I need to be quick when cooking without faffing about waiting for stews to simmer and fry like the typical way of cooking Ghanaian foods. Cooking jollof rice should not take more 30 minutes in my view. You start by frying your chopped vegetables in the oil, followed by adding tin tomato, rice and meat or fish.

You then keep an eye every 5 minutes to check all the water has evaporated.

1 tin of plum tomato
Water x 2 using tin(tomato)
Rice x 3 using tin( tomato)
2 x carrot
1 slice of bacon( any meat would do)
Salt, herbs, chilli powder and spices

step by step cokking jollof recipestep by step cokking jollof recipe


step by step cokking jollof recipe