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Greece mountain regions
driving around Greece mountains

We recently met my in laws in Greece to attend a christening in Delvinaki in Epirus(North/ Western Greece). We arrived in Corfu travelling via Manchester with Easyjet the flight of choice for the famous 18-30 holidaymakers heading to Kavos. It was very noisy and wouldn’t suit if you like to travel in peace although it was popular with families with small kids.

We spent the night in Corfu (shown as A on the map) in the beautiful Arite and visited the famous Vlacherna monastery in Corfu which appears on many illustrations of Corfu. The Island is very beautiful from the little I saw of it, with many nice restaurants up on the hill serving amazing salads and yogurt. There is plenty of scope for holiday makers that want to visit the Island of Corfu but not interested in the loud holiday spots. It has resorts lining the Sea for quiet afternoon relaxation and early evening sun going down gazing.

We caught the ferry the following day to head to Igoumenitsa. The ferry leaves every hour and took an hour and half to get to mainland Greece. We got picked up by my father in law who had driven 8 hours to Brindisi(Italy) and traveled a further 7 hours on the ferry to get to Greece. From Igoumenitsa we headed to Ioannina a bigger town just at the bottom of the mountains, we stayed for 2 days at the pleasant and well kept Politia hotel.

Its an ancient town with cobbled streets, an old mosque and madrasa to testify the Ottoman Turkish past, it is also now a university town and as such has a huge young population with lots of bars, restaurants and clubs. It is also famous for its silver jewellery. It has a of lot nice places to eat. There is a street lined with nice looking bars and restaurants looking the lake. Some are very trendy for the young and some are more appealing for a more matured clientele however all the bars and restaurants are very beautiful.

Retreat and B &B in Dolo, Greece

From Ioannina we drove to Delvinaki for the christening where we spent one night in an equally well kept small hotel in the village. Delvinaki is a small picturesque and friendly village up a very bendy road in the Mountains of Greece and is very close to Albania. My father in law said there are still bears in that part of Greece but I couldn’t get anyone to confirm this.

We traveled further up on the mountain to another small place called Dolo for the reception.
We left the following day on a long drive to Agrinio to visit some friends who we stayed with from Sunday till Wednesday having day trips to Sivota and Paliaros where we ate in an Indian restaurant which is highly recommended. If you want to travel through this part of Greece, it would be very difficult to do it without a car the distances are long and its all mostly up in the mountains on very bendy roads but its over all a very unadventurous journey.

ferry to corfu
Posing even though I have terrible morning sickness
travelling by sea with a peanut growing inside my belly


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