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Sometimes it is easy to get caught up and have such high hopes for a smoothie recipe you are going to make because your collection of high end and exotic far fetched fruits all have super food statuses. The worst  you can anticipate is your blender going hay wire and exploding with a volcanic eruption type fruit paste splashed everywhere in your kitchen but I found out this afternoon that an all  super food combination smoothie will not necessarily make a fail safe smoothie every time.


  •  Taste (acidic, sharp, sour).
  •  Texture(grainy, smooth, watery, crunchy).
  •  Who you are making it for(adults, children, an invalid)
  •  Ratios- how much of each fruit or veg to use to avoid  overwhelming(based on a 5 a day ratio).
  •  Consider each fruits nutritional value
  •  Desired finished texture(smooth, gritty, grainy, liquid)

I assumed that I would end up with a delicious healthy smoothie using coconut, passion fruit, pineapple and kiwi until when I finished making it and found that the combination was not fail safe.

I even imagined what the caption for the recipe would be when I wrote about it pointing out the individual nutritional values of each fruit as I put them into the blender to prepare. The reality of the finished smoothie hit me hard as it brought me crashing back down to earth whilst I tried to take in the gritty grainy sour and highly acidic taste that took a hit on my teeth and taste buds. I had a smoothie fail, my wonderful healthy smoothie just didn’t work well and it was hard to enjoy.

Even though I have had bad Mall type smoothies before, this smoothie fail seems to top all the bad smoothies. Have you ever had any similar fail trying to prepare something healthy that turned out to be disappointing?

‘Share your experience please, with me so I don’t feel alone with my epic fail making a healthy super green vegan smoothie that just didn’t work.