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Riso freddo is one of favourite summer recipes, although it looks similar to, its not exactly like fried rice which is usually greasy. Riso freddo is a sophisticated recipe that seems to capture the essence of Italian eating culture even when its served on a plate.

Its the perfect light recipe for hot afternoons, it isnt too heavy and very easy to prepare. Riso freddo means cold rice. It can be cooked as a vegetarian meal or with cured meat(cured meat gives it a nice flavour).


riso freddo recipe

Riso freddo is often cooked in large quantities and any left overs can be be kept in the fridge to be eaten the next day. In Italy,  you can find in shops the all the meat and vegetables chopped in a jar already but as long as you can find vegetables where you live you can certainly whisk together this nice refreshing and nutritious meal. Its very simple to make.

You can often find in the original recipe artichoke, olives and peas but Ive cooked this recipe with different vegetables and it always taste nice. 

You Need:

vegetables(what is local to you)

olive oil

cheese(mozzarella, gruyere (emmenthal)

1 cup rice

2 cups water

cured meat


To Make:

1. boil your rice as normal with chopped cured meat

2. after 10 minutes of cooking add your vegetables

3. let the rice and vegetables simmer till all the water has eveaporated

4. drizzle olive oil

5. cut your cheese into cubes and add once the rice is off the heat

6. stir and serve

Also known as salad rice(insalata di riso)