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Rocca restaurant is right up there when it comes to fine dining. The Italian restaurant overlooks the old course which is exciting enough for any golf fanatic.  It is not merely a restaurant but an experience. If you read this and you live anywhere else you think that St Andrews is too far away to even consider taking a trip there for a treat but you will be wrong to not consider a trip to experience this beautiful restaurant in the amazing well kept medieval town of St Andrews. 

  The Rocca restaurant is inside the Macdonald Rusacks hotel in St Andrews, the Macdonald Rusacks itself is a high end luxurious 4 star hotel part of a chain of hotels. The St Andrews based restaurant was awarded three AA Rosettes in 2013/14. It is a collaboration between a Scotland based Italian business couple and the award-winning restaurateur Adrian Pieraccini and together they have put together a beautiful and fulfilling on all levels restaurant. The decor is a classy vibrant mix of warm dark colours such as purple and black and pop at you colour touches of lemon green.

    The food is amazing, there are no words beyond amazing to describe the burst of mild flavours in your mouth other than that the food taste good. The menu is a stylish list deconstructed traditional Scottish foods served in an Italian style.

St Andrews attracts a lot of tourist mostly Americans who many are students and family of students visiting at the University of St Andrews. Once in Scotland, to make the journey to St Andrews, you can go by the train heading to Aberdeen and sisembark at Leuchars station. From Leauchars you can catch a taxi or the bus 95 into the town which is a very small town and Easy to navigate around. 

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I took this picture of a printed napkin that has Scottish slang with their translations in English. It was displayed in the glass door of a shop in Arbroath which is a few miles away from Dundee. Arbroath is a very small and quiet town, it has a small high street but almost all the shops were shut on a Sunday apart from an Argos and a small housewares shop.

Napkin showing printed translations of Scottish words

The town of  Arbroath, Scotland:
The pubs and bars were opened and there were a few people sitting inside although the town was not loud and alive with people. We found a nice Turkish restaurant which we sat in and enjoyed a very good meal. This was my  first Turkish meal in the four years we lived in Scotland, coming from north London and having had a Turkish neighbor who was generous with food, this just made nostalgic.
The restaurant Turkish Grill restaurant & bar serves amazing food. I could not find anything to fault. The decor was calm, spacious and beautiful. The prices were very reasonable and the service was very good and friendly.





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Amarone is a posh Italian restaurant with a nice romantic feel right in the centre of Edinburgh. The restaurant is in a grandeur building with a very high ceiling which makes it a calm space. We ate in the restaurant we my toddler around 2.00PM so it was very quiet. There were two other ladies with a baby who looked like they were enjoying themselves too. I loved Amarone very much and I would go to the restaurant again.
There was a bar area which was separate to the side of the main restaurant. The food was incredible and very authentic as confirmed by my Italian fine dining companion. I am tempted to proclaim that the rissoto I had is  the best Italian food Ive had outside of Italy. The prices were bery reasonably too and in true Italian fashion the staff were all very nice and polite and even stopping to speak and engage with the little one.

Amaron Italian restaurant is on George street, close to Waverley Station. When you come in to Scotland from London or anywhere from the South of UK, you will disembark at either Edinburgh Haymarket train station or Waverley train station. This restaurant in the beautiful city of Edinburgh is one you have to experience. It has a nice classy decor with good lighting, it is also spacious and has a nice buzz especially around 5.30PM when it starts filling up with city workers. 

The plus side is that we found it very easy to move between the tables with the little one being a little energetic.  The ventilation in the restaurant is very good even when it got really packed by 6.00PM

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St Andrews seafood restaurant

My go to place for treating your soul in the UK is Scotland and having lived for four years partially not far from St Andrews it seems like my world is as big as the size of St Andrews. This isnt necessarily true but forgive me for this glowing review of St Andrews Seafood restaurant. If it is possible give me some merit for I have eaten some really interesting seafood in Italy so it is not possible to fall under the spell of just any type of seafood offerings.

St Andrews has some real authentic posh and well managed restaurants so when it comes to fine dinning it certainly offers a good selection. I visited the seafood restaurant after being told about the amazing seafood platter offered at the restaurant. On each occassion my experience in the restaurant has been positively devine. The service tenders in restaurant are all incredibly well mannered and very professional with a natural engaging personalities.

imageI did even wonder if the restaurant invest in training the staff to behave in a certain way towards the restaurants customers. Each member of the team from the very knowledgeable sommelier who expertly talks about drinks as well as ask enough to get to know you without over indulging to the host who receives customers on entering they all show a sense of pride in thier work.

imageThe seafood restaurant is also placed at an incredible angle overlooking the sea and St Andrews famous old course. It is housed in an all glass building which makes the irresistible surrounding views add a touch more elation to the experience.

As impressive as everything else is about the restaurant is, the prices are also very reasonable. I would suggest that it is many times worth jumping on a plane just to come and eat and head back to London rather than to subject yourself to some of the prices you can expect in London. The seafood platter has a selection of fresh shell fish including clams, lobster, mussels, crab, tiger prawns, crevettes and oysters but unfortunately, you can not just turn up at the restaurant at any time of the year and expect the platter on the menu. Its availability is seasonal. It is also best to book a reservation ahead of time to avoid disappointment. The seafood restaurant’s website can be found here.