Hello, I am Yaa. I grew up around my dad’s soap manufacturing business in Ghana in the early 80’s. He also went on to manage a large brewery and I spent most of my time after school at the factory. My favourite memories are of myself playing with my imaginary friends in the factory walking underneath the large overhead conveyor belt that spiralled around the factory building and then went through a wall leading outside and into the bottling plant. Little did I know that despite seeking a very different path of study in cultural studies, passions and old knowledge would lead me to Yaa Fumanti, this beautiful holistic lifestyle, fitness and beauty brand. At the same time, I also started Ghana Soap School to teach and help others on their personal entrepreneurial journey.

Yaa Fumanti is a London based ethnobotanics inspired ethical lifestyle brand started in 2007 as AlternateStyle.

The brand has fitness, bath & beauty ranges that are made in house or in collaboration with other SME contract manufacturers in the UK or abroad. As an award winning ethical brand, we are focused on supplying our ethical consumers with certified fair-trade, organic credentials and also working with talented handcrafts men and women in various parts of the world.

I started Yaa Fumanti out of combining my passions for living a healthy lifestyle and concocting with botanicals. Frankly, as someone who grew up mostly under the African sun and in a culture(Ashanti), that is rich in  colourful and mesmerising clothes,  I simply wanted to create  fitness apparel I would like to wear to go running in or wear to the gym.

So, spotting a potential in the market for this type of fitness clothing, Yaa did what Yaa naturally does and started from ‘We have to create it'(despite the lack of industry knowledge in fashion marketing).

Over the years, Yaa Fumanti has evolved continuously. However, what does not change, are the core values that the brand Yaa Fumanti seeks to share with our valued costumers:

  • I love supporting and working with other artisans who would have never had access to the world market.
  • My fashion sense is inspired by standing out and not looking like what everyone else has and wear.
  • You only live once. You only have one body to live in. MAKE THIS ONE LIFE COUNT by living healthily.
  • Nature has a lot of answers for creating remedies. I get so much joy formulating and creating concoctions in my kitchen.

Our brand is rapidly growing with a steady and loyal following. I encourage you to stick with us, stay in touch and keep coming back to discover what new trends we are setting in the world of holistic living. 

I make all the skincare products using shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils and plant extracts.  Individual product has full details of ingredient list. Supplements are made by a soil association certified and ISO 9001 standards UK  based company.
I   create the finished look designs for the fabric bags and leather sandals. They are then made by 2 ateliers I collaborate with based in Ghana. All leather rucksacks and bags features digitised printed versions of my hand drawn patterns. The bags are then made in Hong Kong.  Zipz  trainers features my patterns, they are made in the USA.
All sweatshirts, rolled sleeves and long sleeve T shirts are digitally printed in the UK. The blank T shirts and Jumpers are supplied by continental a fair trade and organic certified company.  All other fashion features my hand drawn designs and are printed, cut and sewn in Hong Kong.


At Yaa Fumanti, everything is made with soul.