Yaa Fumanti is a business inspired by infusing sciencetifically proven, ethical, serious eco credentials driven products and treatments for wellbeing and aesthetic treatments

Hello, I am Yaa. I grew up around my dad’s soap manufacturing business in Ghana in the early 80’s. He also went on to manage a large brewery where I spent most of my time after school at the factory. My favourite memories are of myself playing with my imaginary friends in the factory walking underneath the large overhead conveyor belt that spiralled around the factory building and then went through a wall leading outside and into the bottling plant. Little did I know that despite seeking a very different path of study in cultural studies, passions and old knowledge would lead me to Yaa Fumanti, which allows me to be a part of others well being

I am a formally trained spa therapist specialised in providing beauty and body treatments.

I provide treatments in both my private practise and weekly at a state of art spa in Bethnal Green, (London) in a listed building with thermal spa facilities and a gym which allows for my clients to enjoy fully the more spa centred treatments I provide whilst also being able to provide flexibility to established clients outside of the spa .

The Yaa Fumanti range is built around African black soap. A popular and very much loved traditional soap that has been made in Ghana for as far back as local documentation can be traced. There are various versions of African black soap made around the world. Authentic black soap is always made with organic botanical potash unlike other handmade soaps made with caustic soda.

Originally in 2007 as AlternateStyle in Tottenham(London) the brand has established itself as one of the reliable suppliers of African black soap in the UK. This soap is safe for every member of the family to use. It is also a solution for cleansing and washing face, body wash and hair shampooing making it a more eco choice of soap to use at home. Traditionally, black soap is also used for general household cleaning and laundry and it is available scented or raw which has very little smell of anything on its own.

Yaa Fumanti beauty and wellbeing is an ever evolving brand which is created for individuals that take an interest in preserving and value health and wellbeing. I take delight in being the person that people put their trust into to help assist them in achieving this.