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Cushion covers designs have a powerful contribution adding to the over all look of a room as they add the final touches to a room’s décor. It is important to first understand how patterns and colour can affect sight and moods well ahead of choosing the ideal cushion cover design for any room.

The 6 points below outlines what you need to take into consideration when choosing cushion covers designs, aside from the size, comfort and practicality when choosing your ideal cushion for a room. As they are something that you will have for a long time and see frequently, it pays to actually spend time thinking about how you want your ideal cushion to look ahead of actually searching to buy.

The three biggest mistakes that we make, when choosing cushion cover designs, is 1) by making a selection based on price and 2) not paying attention at the type of fabric it is made with. A cheap looking cushion can have a pretty pattern but if the fabric used is horrendous it lets the cushion down badly. Extra attachments and frilly bits can also look very ugly after a few washes and terrible sewing also begins to show after some time. 3) The fillings used for the insert is equally important, natural flings such as cotton,  wool and down (feather) are more comfortable than synthetics flings such as polyester hollow fibre fillings.







When selecting a cushion, you need to consider the following.

  1. It is essential that you can remove the covers so it can be cleaned.
  2. Choose natural fillings such as cotton or  feathers. Synthetic fibre is hard at first but goes flat when worn and devalues a good cushion cover design.
  3. Choose a pattern colour design that will compliment your room.
  4. Choose a pattern that complements the theme of your room. If your room has a classic dull or warm wall paint and other décor, a unicorn pattern on a cushion will clearly stand out like a sore thumb.
  5. Use a colour wheel to choose the right colour and tone that will compliment your room. Your options are a softer, lighter, brighter, paler or a pastel version of your colour choice.
  6. Patterns can actually affect our mood. It is important to pay good attention to the patterns that forms the design of a cushion before buying.  Don’t  just simply buy based on abstract, geometric, asymmetric etc without researching how patterns affects our sight and mental  state.


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As today is international women’s day, it  is a great opportunity to share Karolin Klueppel’s amazing photo collection which depicts the women in leadership roles  in the ancient culture the Khasi people from Northeastern India which sees inheritance of power, wealth and all property passed down to the youngest female child from mothers.

Incredibly, Mawlynnong women have the freedom to marry whoever they wish, choose to remain single and get divorce without any stigma in their society and the children also inherit the last name of their mothers. You can see more these photographs on National geography from 15th Dec 2015.


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Hotel Politia is small 4 stars hotel that is clean and well looked after with warm and friendly staff. It has a nice courtyard in the belly of the building as the rooms are a cluster in a circular shape with a gate leading outside that gets shut at night. Even though the hotel is so close to the center, it gets surprisingly quiet and peaceful.
Politia hotel in Ioannina (pronounced Y/Jannena) is  right in the city center and within walking distance of an array of restaurants, retail shops and local sights. There are so many shops in this little town that it will be a dream destination for anyone who is shopping mad. The room(£50 a night ) we stayed in had a big wide comfortable bed, table and chairs, heating/ air-conditioning, color TV, refrigerator, small kitchen and balcony. The owner speaks very fluent English so it was easy to make request. Read about the sights in Ionnina here

Ioannina (Greece) ΠολιτείαHotel Politia - Ioannina (Greece) Πολιτεία

See better pictures of the hotel here


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One thing that goes hand in hand with having an ethical lifestyle is also having the urge to do good things for other people. When I was in Uni, I worked in the students’ union for 6 years which exposed me to some very active political advocates who lived to help others. During my years in this world, what became apparent was how people’s urge to do good for others sometimes seemed over bearing for the person who was in need as the people helping always seemed to do more than was necessary for the person asking for help.

In fact most of the time what I noticed was that because the helper put in so much effort, when their efforts were not rewarded with an equal measure of appreciation, it was very obvious how disappointed they became.

the urge to help others

It is a nice feeling to be in a position to help others so it is important to be mindful when you are offering help and not offer much more than someone needs. When we offer more than someone needs we also create a problem because it leaves the person feeling more indebted and it can even be irritating to give help or advice when someone does not need it.

  • What gives people the urge to help others is mostly an inspiration out of a pure heart. When you have the urge to help, it is important to listen to what the person in need is asking for so you provide just that.
  • It is important to remember that sometimes, when you haven’t lived through the circumstances someone is going through, it will be very hard to fully understand the pain they are going through. Be sympathetic, do not force yourself to be empathetic
  • Accept that you can not tell what is right for another person. Do not decide what will work best for another person unless they specifically ask you to put in suggestions.
  • Always remember that just because someone opens up to you about their problems, it does not necessarily mean that they need your advice or input.
  • It is okay if you don’t what to say someone when they tell you their problem.
  • It helps to share with someone your own experience if you have been through the struggle they are experiencing. Be conscious about your timing when you share your own experience. Do not cut the person off or force them to not talk about a situation they are struggling with.
  • Do not force people to share with you what they are not ready to share.