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I love the many hidden surprises Scotland has to offer when it comes to historical sites that have been preserved and also serve as a serene location to visit. Although many people flock to Eastern countries in search of calmness I love Scotland for its suprising locations such as the Hill of Tarvit estate in the Fife area of Scotland(often called the kingdom of Fife).

It is a beautiful estate on the site a site that goes back to the iron ages, it is believed to have been around since 200 BC and AD 200, and rebuilt at least twice in that period. The estate is spread over 279 acres of woodlands with a well maintained a 20th-century Edwardian mansion that is now owned by the National Trust.

For a small fee, visitors can go inside the house to see the original design and accumulation of furnishings from different generations that were once owned by the Sharp family. The state of art collection includes porcelain, paintings, furniture and antiques. You also get a glimpse of life “below-stairs”for the servants that were employed by the estate

When I am in Scotland, we often drive up on Sundays to have picnics in the grounds which is free to access.There is a small tearoom and a nice shop selling made in Scotland items on the site. Kids would love going on a day out and trying the several Edwardian style games Hill of Tarvit has on offers during its opening season. On offer are the chance to play Crockett, billiards and other parlor games once you step back to early 1900’s.

The estate has a 40 acres garden and an original golf course in the original 9-hole hickory club. Hill of Tarvit is situated up on a hill with extensive views, it is a mile and a half south of Cupar which is a medium size town with train connections to Edinburgh, London and the rest of Scotland.
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