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Because of pregnancy health warnings against eating raw fish, you would not associate making sushi whilst being pregnant but I actually found making sushi at home really calming. My friend who is a librarian at the British Library and my co ‘would try anything at least just once’ partner joined me for this session. After spending weeks in rural Scotland and not being able to do much the ideals wheel seems to be revolving pretty fast now I’m in the big city. I’m now 8 months and near desperate to get to the finishing line. In my head I’m screaming I want to see this baby now. We set off to the sushi shop on priory road in North London.
You can get sushi supplies in person in North London from the sushi shop by going on bus W7 from Finsbury park. It is not advisable to drive as parking is crazy at the Ally Pally traffic light junction. If like myself you do most of your shopping online then Amazon has a selection of sushi products from CLEARSPRING who does both organic and natural ranges with no enhancers.

how to make sushi

clearspring sushi rice, sushi ginger and nori with sea vegetables

For my fillings I used fresh tuna, salmon, avocado and scotch bonnet. There are cooking directions on all sushi rice packs. Once your rice is cooked, its all pretty easy to work out.