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This mashed sweet potato recipe is nice with mild spices like a pinch of nutmeg, garlic, crushed peppercorn and dried herbs to add a bit of a kick to your baby’s taste buds. When I mash the potatoes, I aim to leave a few solid bits still left in the mash by using a fork to do the mashing mash. At 20 months old, I like to encourage my little one to chew at every meal time as chewing helps with developing a baby’s oral motor skills. Chewing works the same muscle group in a babies mouth that are also needed for developing their speech.

baby food recipe for sweet potato and cheese

chewing is important for babies developing thier oral motor skills So for this reason it is quiet important that at feeding times different textures are encouraged throughout the day. chewing is a good workout for  strengthening the jaw,  the lips and tongue muscles which are all important for sounds like m, p and b.

chewing is important for babies developing thier oral motor skills
How to make it:   You need:
1) cut potato into 4 and boil without peeling skin

2) take peelings off, start mashing with a fork

3) season with salt and herbs

4) mix in cheese and drizzle with olive oil

olive oil


dried herbs(optional)                  

soft cheese 1 teaspoon

sweet potato(1 tuber)