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Winter nights in Scotland goes hand in hand with eating game. So I got to try woodcock for the first time last night as the butcher in St Andrews had a few. Checking online, there was very little suggestions on how to cook woodcock so we opted for the butchers idea of tucking the woodcocks head under the arm and a placed a piece of bacon over it to keep it moist

woodcock cooking instructions
woodcock served with bacon, parsnip, potatoes and carrots.

The woodcock has very little meat on its body but taste great, a bit like liver but slightly meaty. The meat is also very filling and it barely has any fat. Woodcock is a British delicacy usually cooked with all of its insides still intact. This is apparently because they tend to empty their bowels before taking flight. It should certainly be on your to eat list when visiting Britain in Autumn or Winter.

woodcock cooking instructions