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Sivota is a trendy stunning seaside town south of Igoumenitsa with several resorts along the Ionian sea coast. It is a perfect get away for holiday treats as its location is in a calm clean and relaxing setting with a lush green mountains that sets the border between Greece Albania to one end of the town. 
There were several yatchs moored at the harbour on the beautiful flat sea which comes in in a similar fashion of a feel good hollywood production. The pier is lined with fantastic restaurants that has a more cosmopolitan menu than anywhere else we visited in Ionnina. 
This location is not ideal for the loud party crowd but rather the more discerning traveller who is looking to reconnect withier soul. It is also a destination that would favour those who own a boat of some sort with a history of holidaying with other boat owners. It is  a calm place to visit for a classy kickback. 
The selection of restaurants along the promenade offers cuisines ranging from curry, seafood speciality including grilled lobsters, octopus and calamari and other gastronomy. Sivota is also surrounded by the islands of Saint Nicholas and Black Mountain. 





resorts with docked boats



sivota, Greece