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imageSt Andrews is a beautiful Scottish town famous for its 600 years old university and its long history as the home of golf where golf was invented. The town lies along the coast of the North Sea, with ancient structures that are still standing today. St Andrews had a cathedral which was built in the middle ages that  attracted pilgrims travelling to the town to see the remains of St Andrews(the patron saint of Scotland), the ruins of the cathedral still stands today and as it attracts modern tourist.St Andrews golf course is the most ancient golf course and one of the most challenging courses in the world and winning the British open in St Andrews golf course is considered the height of a golfer’s career.The University of St Andrews is one of the poshest universities in the UK which attracts mostly Burberry and wellington wearing aficionados with Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton( The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge) as patrons.

St Andrews university chapel
St Andrews in East Fife also has very nice award winning restaurants and several small boutiques in the center of the town. The restaurants and hotels are nice and I found many of them under priced for the value you get however there many over priced small shops on the high street. St Andrews also has an incredible amount of charity shops which I loved to forage.
The coast line is serene, there is a small aquarium in the town and that kids would love and on a couple of occasions I saw seals on the side of the aquarium.