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The first time I traveled on Megabus Gold I was not really sure I would travel with it again even though I can’t remember much if I liked it enough or not to write about it. However it is my second trip travelling from Dundee to London having another Megabus Gold experience. The bus is completely full this time and the person sleeping beneath me has smelly shoes which he took off before getting into bed. 

I learnt after my first trip with megabus Gold that although the luxury of this ride is the bunk beds you can actually also travel sitting down on the seat that can be pulled out which is placed on one side of each upper and lower bunk so you can sit on it.

I missed the opportunity to enjoy changing my leg positions on my first trip but heck, I did not on my second trip😉. I made sure I laced the seat with my pheromones for about a good 30 minues when we started the journey and so I looked on at the gentleman who was the occupier of the  bunk bed below me get on my chair comfortably onlivious to my my fillings of angst, bitterness and bile and for all of the 10 minutes he dared sat on my seat to take off his shoes and prepare himself to dive on to his own bed.
However I luckily got the chance to compensate my bruised emotions by sitting on my seat another two times around 4.00am and around 7.00am before falling into a deep sleep  before we arrived at London Victoria coach station at 8.00am our final destination. 😱

Comparatively, tickets for this journey are cheap compared to riding on the train, flying or even from Stage Coach the three alternatives for travelling from London to Scotland. The luxury and hospitality offered on Megabus Gold also does not end just there, all passengers are handed small generous bottle of water and a bland muffin with no brand name (but in all honesty the taste and texture might  suggest it is healthier actually compared to a regular muffin). As you disembark the crew also hand each passenger with a packet of looked like crisp which I politely refused for myself in the morning after chomping the muffin out of boredom and relief from the purpose of my journey this time to and from Scotland which this time involved apearing before a Dundee sheriff court.

If I have forgotten to mention so far the crew which is so far made up of two male drivers who rotate after every 3 or 4 hours from my estimation are NICE on this trip and indifferent on my first journey and uninterested on a regular Megabus journey. You can expect any of these three types of driver slash crew on a journey.
The bunk beds are suprisingly comfortable even though they look like luxurious hammocks that have been layered with an extra layer of a quilted blanket. They are nicely made with easily ruffled white bedsheets I suspect are not fancy 100% cotton, one small pillow and a blanket.  But I found that the beds itself (I’ve slept on 2 so far) are wide enough to sleep on eithet your stomach or flat on your back for a regular size 10/12 UK female person. The space above your head is about 3/4 of so a rough sleeper cant toss and turn several times.

During booking, you have the option to select either an upper bunk, lower bunk or a double bunk for a couple or family but you do not get allocated either upstairs or downstairs so you are free to pick the floor you prefer.  I have noticed the aisle downstairs is much wider compared to the aisle upstairs and the best bottom bunk is the one on the left hand side to the driver as it is the widest with no upper bunk bed.

Over all, Megabus Gold is convenient and budget conscious friendly. It was also my best option for arriving from London to Scotland in the morning travelling in the least disruptive way.