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If you ever visit St Andrews, be sure to visit the cafe where Prince William met Kate, the words in the shop in window, not mine. Read the small print in this picture, it’s so cheeky, the cafe is just a few seconds walk away from the University.

where Kate Middleton met Prince William


Dr noodles in st Andrews(Scotland)

I first popped into Dr Noodles in St Andrews when I was  craving for a greasy chow mein and I got my fix. The menu is simple and it is probably the cheapest if not one of the cheapest places to eat in St Andrews. Dr noodles has a very straight forward 3 step ordering process. 1. You select noodles or rice, 2. select your additions and 3. the size or maybe do it in reverse and in a minute you get served.

The recipe is not created by a Michelin star chef (or maybe it could be, I do not know) but is fine. I found the rice option a little too soggy  but the noodles are faultless and nice. You may also add extra vegetables such as broccoli at £0.50.


sushi and Thai food restaurants  in St Andrews

update  Nahm Jim’s Restaurant was an award winning restaurant which now has re branded. It still serves many of its previous menu and in it’s best years won recommendations from Gordon Ramsey, won a TV show and many nationwide awards. My original review describe the great service and good and authentic Thai food was served but since the rebranding and cut downs I have only ordered from the take away menu in the last two years so although I notice there is still a restaurant which I haven’t tried I cant give recommendations. The take away menu is no where near the quality of food the restaurant previously served.

I ate in Mitchel’s twice and they offer a nice platter of local cheese on the menu. I find the place to be highly trendy and seems popular with the more hip students. Prices on the menu are in par with St Andrews standards. It has a warm woodsy feel and looks more of what you would expect in London. 
The best feature at Mitchel’s is the baby changing room, so its a great place to stop for a mother of a small child, otherwise. You can find Mitchell’s website here

If you are a fan of chili or spicy food then you have to make a pilgrimage to St Andrews(Scotland ). I lived for years 10 minutes walk away from Manchester’s curry mile (Rusholme) but the best Indian curries I’ve had were in St Andrews. My 2 favourite curry houses are here in St Andrews.

It is difficult to put one ahead of the other,  Chilies (179 South St, St Andrews, UK)  and Jahangir Tandoor Restaurant(116 South St, St Andrews, UK)  are opposite each other of the same street. Both have warm chic decor, not over done but certainly doesn’t lack in that unique Tandoori warmth. The customer service from both places are very professional and prices are not squeezing like most other places are in St Andrews(over priced for no real reason). There is one other Indian restaurant in town I’ve sampled but not impressed with and over priced for its meager offerings so I just wont mention it here.