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Congratulations, you now own your own your own mother culture. You can now make endless healthy homemade fermented elixir beverages. The recipe below will guide you through how to make your homemade brew.

Please Note that no one food or medicine can completely eradicate an ill condition. Consume your home made probiotic drinks in moderation, keep your culture under hygienic conditions always and prepare and touch your mother culture with clean hands and equipment’s to avoid cross contamination. The internet is full of wisdom, but before you follow instructions from online, check to ensure that the person giving the information is relevant and knows what they are talking about. As long as you keep your mother as a living thing and ensure it is fed, cleaned occasionally, give it rest and at some point, understand it has reached its peak and thus should be binned you will go on to brew at home healthy probiotic drinks and food out of this one kit endlessly.

The recipe below is the same the same recipe for making your first and subsequent kombucha tea from your purchased kombucha scoby.  When you purchase your first kombucha scoby, you will receive the scoby( a symbiotic colony of  bacteria and yeast) in a tea(brownish fluid). Kombucha benefits includes aiding digestion naturally  which boosts energy,  supports our  immune system and  equip our bodies to eliminate toxins effectively through the introduction of an over growth of good gut bacteria.

As a spa & beauty therapist, my main interest is to use food remedies synergistically with other healthy choices to improve my own general health. Probiotic rich foods do this by contributing to a healthy digestive system which more and more research are now proving impacts our over physical wellbeing, homeostasis and mental state.

Fermented foods have been consumed in all cultures for as long as human history. Different cultures have successfully maintained making them as part of their modern diets whereas in some cultures it had completely disappeared until recently remerging as a trend. I hope that your own interest is in incorporating fermented foods for your own long-term health benefits and if not, may your social media pictures look good.

Fermented foods which are probiotic foods, introduces healthy gut flora in our system that helps good bacteria to outnumber bad bacteria in both our gut and our animal friends. A Healthy microbiome means that our immune system is more resilient and functions well resulting in over all good health.

The foods we buy from the supermarkets are washed with disinfectants, this results in both good and bad bacteria being washed off them. As such, consuming even healthy meals we cook ourselves lacks any bacteria let alone some of the friendly ones that our guts could benefit from. Drinks such as kombucha brews, water kefir and milk kefir enable us to introduce different types of healthy & good bacteria inside your gut which in turn promotes an around healthy gut. This should be ongoing, eating and drinking probiotic rich foods once or occasionally will not result in permanent benefits.

This is simply because our body is designed to process food, break it down and separate its broken-down nutrients dispersing it around our bodies so it functions multiples times a day. This is why it is vital and important to make sure that you keep doing the right things over and over.

Kombucha is tangy tasting and slightly fizzy and you can make it even with no prior fermenting experience. Drinking kombucha tea introduces healthy good bacteria in your gut which in turn promotes an around healthy gut. It is a joy to observe the small colony of bacteria disc grow and transform into a mother that births more scoby disc that you can give to friends and family.

One thing I find disappointing about commercial kombucha drinks is the excessive sugar that goes into making them. A lot of sugar is used in fermenting as the bacteria feeds off the sugar. However, it has been proven that up to 80% of the sugar used in fermenting kombucha drinks is still left behind by the time the brew is ready for consumption.  This means that if you are one of us who have self imposed a restrictive refined sugar diet, then drinking commercial kombucha and even most healthy drinks can be unhealthy in the long run.



Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Your home made kombucha tea would have bubbles on the surface which indicates that your kombucha is. It is ready for consumption now but you may ferment it further for another week and this time you can add a fruit juice to the tea and keep in an air tight bottle. Best enjoyed as a cold refreshing beverage.
Recipe Type: Fermented Drinks
Cuisine: Fermentation
  • Symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY)
  • Kombucha starter tea
  • Glass jar
  • Glass bottle (for taking kombucha drink with you to work or gym)
  • Muslin cloth
  • Rubber band
  • Brown cane sugar 100g
  • Tea bags 2 bags
  • Bottle tag(optional)
  • Measuring cups & spoons
How To Prepare
  1. • Boil your water(the way to do this right is by boiling a kettle full of water and then pour into a measuring cup – if you measure the water first and proceed to boil, you will loose some water through evaporation - ensure it is hot water safe).
  2. • Put tea bags into the glass jar with hot water.
  3. • Add the sugar and allow the tea bags to infuse as much as possible.
  4. • Leave it to sit until cooled down to room temperature.
  5. • Add the scoby to your cooled down tea.
  6. • Cover with muslin and secure with rubber band
  7. • Allow it brew up to 2 weeks. You can start checking for a tangy taste after the first week and decide if you are happy with the taste.

• When you first receive your scoby, do not take it out of the original fermented tea it comes in. Your scoby would be sealed in a poly bag with some original tea around it. Leave the scoby in the original brew until you are ready to start your own tea. Scoby prefers a warm environment with room to breathe so they should be fine as long as you cut open the pouch they arrive in to allow oxygen to flow in and out.
• If you are not going to start brewing with your scoby any sooner, then you can leave the pouch sealed and kept in the fridge until when you are ready to brew following the instructions below to start brewing your own kombucha.
• PLEASE do not put your scoby in hot tea Keep your scoby away from extreme heat at all times. Warmth hotter than normal room temperature can kill your scoby colony. If you want your scoby to stop breeding, keep it inside a glass jar with some tea in the fridge until you are ready to make your brew.
• You have your tea, sugar scoby and starter tea already. You just need to add water.
The starter tea would kick start the fermentation process quicker, You can choose to not add it at all, omitting it slows the process but you will get there. (If you have purchased the full kit, you do not need to measure the water amount you need, just fill the fermentation glass jar up. If you have purchased just the scoby and tea, you will have to use a measuring cup. If you are not familiar with measuring in the kitchen, go to the website and look for CLASSROOM).
• I intentionally use far less sugar when you compare my suggested measurements. I eat a refined sugar free diet and I hardly drink commercial juice. Despite the fact that scoby feeds on the sugar, there has been so test done that proves that yeast do not eat up more than 80% of sugars in fermentation. So the more sugar you use, the more you leave room for having excess sugar left in your kombucha tea. This is okay, if you do not have a refined sugar free Lifestyle. So I sometimes even use just 5 tablespoons of sugar for the same quantity.
• Tea naturally has caffeine, the longer you leave your tea bags infusing, the more caffeine would be left in your tea. Scoby likes caffeine so do not worry about it killing them but, if you are not someone that consumes caffeine then you can use other botanicals other than tea. Go on the website and look through the classroom for articles on brewing kombucha.
• After your first brew, reduce the sugar drastically to no more than 4 tablespoons for subsequent brews.
• You can activate the colony every few months by fermenting with an overdose of sugar similar to the first brew with the intention not to drink it.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 ltr

Fermented Tea
Carbonated Alcopop
Hair Rinses
Skin Splash
Sour Dough Starter & Sour Tasting Condiments
Addition t Smoothies/ Cereal & Protein Shakes
Addition To Face Masks
Probiotic Boosting Drinks
Homemade cheese
Assist Wound Healing

 Please note that mother cultures are breathing living things. Like us, they live on oxygen and survive through being fed (sugar and tea or dairy and plant milk for the milk culture). The culture you receive is a freshly birth culture. Each culture contains good bacteria and yeast but each type of culture contains specific cultures such as the primary culture in kefir being kefiran, but there many others and in kombucha and jun mothers which appears as a slippery fleshy disc, the disc is made up of a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY).

Always ensure your scoby supplier rears and handles food cultures following FSA food business regulations.

When you first receive your culture, if you are not ready to start making your brew straight away, please keep the culture in it’s original sealed bag and deep inside your refrigerator until you are ready to make your batch as freezing mother cultures keeps them successfully in hibernation.

Once you start brewing/ fermenting with your culture, always save a small batch of your finished brew or fermented tea, to add to each fresh batch you start. This simply helps the fermentation process to start quicker. This is what is called starter tea. Starter has probiotic yeast and bacteria that helps fresh brew ferment.

ALWAYS, wash your hands and clean them before handling your mother culture. You can touch and feel your mother with your bare hands, especially when you want to clean floaties and aesthetically not pleasing babies such as it is common to see floating brown yeast or a detached flimsy new baby. Yeast accumulates over time inside your glass jar which looks like waste by products. When handling your mother always ensure your hands are clean. to avoid cross contaminating your mother with other bacteria. REMEMBER that you will not be able to tell good from bad bacteria so always use clean utensils and hands when you decant your brew.

 The process for making your homemade fermented brews is the same SIMPLE steps each. For the TEA brew tea with sugar as normal using the quantities given. Wait till the tea has cooled before adding your scoby. Cover and leave it to brew till you see bubbles.

 When it is warm in the summer, your fermentation would be ready quicker(3 days), however in colder months it may take longer(2 weeks). You can always tell from the presence of bubbles or tasting sour.

 Your mother cultures go into hibernation when they get cold. If you try to brew in a part of your house where it is cold, your brew will not take longer to start fermenting and your culture may go to sleep. Please not note that a sleeping culture can be revive with warmth. Once revived, a culture will go on to ferment your brews successfully. A sluggish culture will not or may take a long time to ferment but they are not dead.

 If you have to travel of simply want to take a break from brewing, always just pop your mother culture back inside the fridge in the glass jar with a enough batch of your last brew to cover the top of the culture and close the jar.

 To resume brewing again, simply follow the brewing process all over. You can start and stop as many times as you like.

 Do cultures die? Yes, after making several batches, your mother will be giving birth several times over the course of brews. As your mother has babies, you can give away the babies or store them in the freezer. One day, you will look at your scoby and it may look dehydrated, sluggish and tired, at this point, even an untrained person can tell that a mother is far too matured to be used still. This can happen after 1 year or after a few months, depending on how well you treat her and make her work. At this point, it is okay to discard the mother (which is a cellulose that can be cooked and eaten or buried) and then proceed to use one of her babies to brew batches.

You can make kombucha even with no prior fermenting experience as long as you follow these instructions to make any kind of kombucha drink with Jun or traditional kombucha scoby.

 After the 1st brew, you can refrigerate and drink as it is. OR you can decant the tea into another air tight bottle and ferment for a second time with fruit juice, fresh or dried botanical additions. I am personally not a fan of second ferments but feel free to do as your taste bud wants.

 Kombucha and jun tea are best enjoyed as a cold beverage. It is very easy to brew at home; no special equipment is needed for this type of fermenting.

 PLEASE do not put your scoby in hot tea Keep your scoby away from extreme heat at all times. Warmth hotter than normal room temperature can kill your scoby colony.
 The starter tea would kick start the fermentation process quicker, You can choose to not add it at all, omitting it slows the process but you will get there. (If you have purchased the full kit, you do not need to measure the water amount you need, just fill the fermentation glass jar up. If you are not familiar with measuring in the kitchen, go to the website and look for SCHOOL).

 I intentionally use far less sugar when you compare my suggested measurements to others. I eat a refined sugar free diet and I hardly drink commercial juice. Despite the fact that scoby feeds on the sugar, there has been tests done that proves that scoby do not eat up more than 80% of sugars in fermentation. The more sugar you use, the more you leave room for excess sugar left in your fermented tea. So I sometimes even use just 5 x (50g) tablespoons of sugar for the same quantity of water.

 Tea naturally has caffeine, the longer you leave your tea bags infusing, the more caffeine would be left in your tea. Scoby likes caffeine so do not worry about it killing them but, if you are not someone that consumes caffeine then go on the website and look through the classroom for articles on brewing kombucha with alternative caffeine options.

 After your first brew, you may reduce or increase the sugar. You can go as low as 2- 4 tablespoons(20g – 40g) for subsequent brews.

 You can recharge your scoby every few months by fermenting with an overdose of sugar with the intention to not drink your brew if you choose to. Due to the high amounts of sugar still left behind in your finished fermented tea. You can also use a combination of brown and white sugar or molasses.

 Ready to drink Kombucha and jun taste tangy and it fizzes when you start pouring.

 Treat your scoby as a pet even if you don’t want to drink your tea. It is a joy to observe the small colony of bacteria disc grow and transform into a mother that births more scoby disc that you can give to friends and family.

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Ethical & Natural Brands Matte Lipstick For Dark Skin

Big lips and dark skin goes hand in hand most often, and the worst crime you can make as an ethical fashionista with full lips is to paint a light shade of colour on your full lips. Dark colours work best for fuller lips, lighter colours works best for thinner lips. Dark colours on thin lips makes them disappear and look even thinner whereas light colours on fuller lips simply makes a lady look ridiculous and clown like.

As glam but natural products junkies, it is always best to invest in a lipstick from a reputable. There is far too much green washing these days that it is hard to pick out what is genuinely green and ethically produced from brands that have blindly jumped on the eco, ethical bandwagon.

This can be hard to work out unless you are a super sleuth with plenty of time to investigate brands. Sadly it is next to impossible to do the green verification for every single item you go through each day.

In the UK, 3 reliable sources for using to find a selection of ethically produced lip sticks are the websites below. They stock a variety of brands which means that you can find different colours from the same place. Further below, I have also listed individual brands that has natural lipstick collections.

So Organic
Organic Pharmacy

Matte lipsticks works for all skin shades, but as I have dark skin, I have first hand experiences applying various shades of lipstick on my wide and obviously can’t be ignored big lips and I find that matte lipstick for dark skin works best when they come in shades of darker reds, berries and bold colours with a slight glitter tone.

Wearing a matte lipstick colour looks more glamorous and matured, they stay on longer when compared to glossy lipstick which adheres to every surface it comes in contact with. Matte’s also easily become a more natural looking colour addition on a persons face than glossy and shinier looking lipsticks does. With it’s comeback in 2016, it is still okay in 2017 to don a bold matte dark colour.

Another 2 cardinal sins to avoid is 1) when you decide to go bold with a dark matte lipstick, avoid coupling it with drawn lip lines and 2) leave out applying colour to around your eyes. It is hard to make colour elsewhere on your face work with bold dark matte lipstick. Unless you have been taking professional lessons on applying make up and you feel confident about your own skills then aim for very light applications on your face.

matte lipstick for darker skin


Aside natural brands, all the big brands from Rimmel, L’Oréal , Avon, Nyx, Mac, etc have matte lipsticks in various shades also. In the past, matte lipsticks were avoided by many because they felt dryer on lips, however, the cosmetic industry purports that they have reformulated, and thanks to modern waxes being far lighter, this has helped to make modern matte lipsticks lighter  and less drying.

 beauty without cruelty, BellapierreBurt’s BeesDr HauschkaGreen PeopleLiving NatureLily LoloLaveraThe Organic PharmacyZaoVapour Organic BeautyKjaer WeisJuice BeautyInikaILIA BeautyEre PerezBorlind


Step by step guide on creating a natural, everyday makeup look for work.

Find matte lipsticks on
[amazon_link asins=’B00JRV99G4′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’6849415d-95c0-11e7-9834-7b0e778a4fff’]

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Travelling to any part of  Ghana  is really for  hardies,  who have an open mind to go with the flow. People who are happy to temporarily leave luxury at home and travel to discover how the other part lives. It is not a place I will recommend for the feint of heart. You can find pockets of luxury -ish, private beach resorts and a few other spots to fill a 1- 2 weeks luxury travel safely  achievable but on a general whole, Ghana is a travel spot for the  wild at heart and venturing anywhere north of the capital, Accra, gets even more adventure filled and full of unique experiences that you may not enjoy anywhere else in the world ranging from enjoying moments shared with hospitable people who are actually some of the most materially poor people in the world. And, you may  be at the receiving end of touching experiences from really humble people.

On a motor bike in Bolgatanga
On my first ever motorbike ride, wearing the helmet borrowed for me.
Bolgatanga(also commonly called Bolga)  is  mostly  known by its  popular export bolga baskets, but Bolga is a calm mid range town in the Upper East region of Ghana. It is 100 miles from Tamale, the capital of the north. It is very clean, the locals are very poor but are also some of the most generous people you will find in all of Ghana. I travelled for the first time not knowing a single person. In fact I received a waxed lyrical phone call  from a young man who talked about reading about my work in a national news paper and he invited me to come up north so we could work out something together, such as me providing training to some women in soap making  with shea butter. The north of Ghana is famous for producing more than half of the world’s shea butter. And just you do, I asked my dad to drop me off a few days later at the bus station to travel up north to meet a man I knew nothing about.
Bolga doesn’t have the same pace as Accra and the other cities. The northern part of Ghana in general has a good presence of  NGO’s, students from around the world on gap year breaks volunteering in different sphere’s,  voluntary health personnel etc and  international staff  that procures programs sponsored by  large cosmetic giants. The northern part of Ghana is pretty safe and even better when you travel with your family, small kids or tell  many stories about your husband and children.
The weather in the north is pretty different, the mornings always starts off with a cool temperature around 18C  but quickly rises to arid and uncomfortable highs  well above 30C and remains so until mid evenings around 7:00 pm when the temperature drops back to a cool 18 C or below depending on the time of the year.  The terrain  is completely different from the southern part of the country which is more receives more rainfall and houses several rain forest.
Many visitors to this part of  Ghana would actually come in via Burkina Faso and travel across the border by road as it  is only a few miles compared to doing the giant travel from Accra which by road is around 400 miles. Travel systems in Ghana are limited to coach transports, very limited rail service and very very limited airline services. As much I spend a lot of time travelling within Ghana, I have not journeyed by commercial airlines myself around Ghana, I doubt I would be for the foreseeable future.
Bolgatanga Presbyterian hostel
The veranda in front my room at the Bolgatanga Presbyterian hostel.

I enjoyed my stay in Bolgatanga every single day I was there, starting each day with a cold shower in the hostel(shown in the picture),  I stayed in; the Presbyterian hostel. I will then walk to the road side to buy Fried beans doughnut(akara or kose). I have the recipe on here – just search fried beans doughnut.

My food intake was very limited as I didn’t have access to a kitchen to cook my own meals and eating just anywhere was completely out of the question. Ghana still has yellow fever and typhoid, as such it is highly recommended that 1) you enter the country having had  a yellow fever injection and 2) you do not eat out easily.  I wrapped up my meeting very quickly with my host, we planned a date for me to return back and facilitate a training session for about 16 women. We then decided to visit my host’s family in Navrongo and continued to travel to Paga which is a town on the border of Ghana and Burkina Faso on his motor bike. The journey was probably my 3rd or 4th motorbike journey. I had calmed down a lot about sitting on the bike. On my first journey when he picked me up from the bus station, I initially refused to ride on the ride. When he managed to convince me the next day, I insisted I would have to wear a helmet. We borrowed one from someone that could spare his helmet, the helmet  was more ceremonial than functional because, it simply sat on my head. the fastening didn’t work.

The veranda in front my room at the Bolgatanga Presbyterian hostel.

Several people said to me that the roads were safe, white people who come to visit always ride with no helmets and all sorts of warming words. I didn’t  want to be convinced any further. I agreed to go a few rides around Bolga first on the bike, and then we went as afar as Navrongo when my fears over a motorbike accident were not a big concern anymore. Once you go as far as Navrongo, you may just as well go all the way to the border line. at Navrongo, we stopped at the small shop owned by   the aunt of my host. The mum of  a disabled child who also had development and learning disabilities. She was such a welcoming woman, she insisted on serving me with a can of fanta which is very expensive beverage in Ghana and many people especially up north would only get to drink at Christmas or a religious festival or at a party.  I protested to no avail to pay for it. I knew very well that she would never recoup the capital she lost from the day’s sales so I felt very guilty.

I also do not drink any fizzy drink so I would have rather she accepted my offer but

She  also wanted to feed me which I had to stop at any cost, but she understood that. She even shared that people like me from abroad tends to be ill when they eat local food. She never asked me for any generosity. What is common in the capital and big cities is that people always end making acquaintances with you on a familiar note of introducing you to their charity and burdening you with asking you to help them with old clothes and support in any form. I was impressed greatly by this, her husband also insisted on giving the motorbike a thorough check and he asked some local young men to ride on their bikes alongside us to accompany us all the way to Paga to ensure our safe journey.

The journey is through an open stretch of  low grass fields that scorch and burn on their own naturally from the burning sun. The journey is also very lonely, as there is absolutely no traffic beyond Bolgatanga. In fact Monday mornings, Bolga doesn’t experience any rush hour traffic so you can just about imagine when I say that the journey is lonely. Once we left Navrongo, I allowed the men to ride with us half way, I then offered them money for petrol worth 2 journeys as we promised to call them on our way back to come out and meet us.

woman riding on a motorbike in Bolgatanga
Monday morning in Bolgatanga. There is no rush hour.

Once in Paga, we paid a visit to crocodile pond many tourist to Ghana would read about the sacred crocodile ponds in  Paga where most visitors are surprised that they can touch a live crocodile. A friend commented on facebook on seeing my pictures,  ‘why on earth are you touching a crocodile’. I think once you make it to Paga, you have to have a photo moment touching crocodile. The crocodiles are used to being touched by humans and posing for pictures as long as you feed them fowl which you can buy from the guides that hang around. At the time of my visit in 2011, you didn’t have to pay any tourist fee, just buy several fowls to be fed to the crocodiles. Mind you I also had a local with me, which means that there was chance of trying to fleece me dry. I have read on tripadvisor others saying that you have to pay something to the guides. I can’t confirm this. People trying to end the day making a buck is one I am familiar with.

 I would say that, it is easier to hand pick a random person at the bus station when you arrive Tamale or Bolgatanga if you are travelling here and offer to pay them to accompany you around. Many people are unemployed and would be honest guides as long as you also observe safety routines. If you are staying in a hostel, ask for recommendations. If you choose to travel on your own anywhere in Ghana, well you are asking for it really.  Ghana is a country with an incredible high rate of unemployment, poverty, no welfare and a high number of chancers.  You may have travel experiences in Asia, southern America and the Caribbean, but if you do not have  travel experiences from Ghana as a long stay non Ghanaian. Always travel around with a guide.
What you find, is that most people outside of the cities do not beg but if you have any lose change certainly give it to someone that has been kind or helpful to you in a situation as giving you directions or at the shop if they offered a polite service.
Teasing out crocodiles out of the pond in Paga, Ghana

Teasing out the crocodiles with a fowlHOW TO TRAVEL FROM ACCRA
You can travel by air, to do this head to the Kotoka international airport and ask to buy a ticket. It is that straight forward.
By land, you can travel a coach, STC, VIP and several others (O.A., JoePee, metro) that board from Circle in Accra. Some do 1 long journeys, which is a 14 hour journey. The STC coaches always has an armed police guard on board. This can be interpreted anyhow, it is not a big guarantee of anything). You may choose to break your journey into 2 by stopping in Kumasi for a a day or more before continuing on a journey to Tamale or break your continuing from Kumasi to Kintampo or to Damango Junction and then Tamale travelling by trotros which is a fun experience.

You don’t need to buy tickets in advance when you are travelling by trotro’s if you are not familiar with Ghana. Trotro’s are patronised by local traders and those with little money to spare. These types of travellers are usually very empathetic. However, you will have to buy a ticket in advance when travelling with STC. I have not travelled by rail since I was about 10 years old, but there is an overnight train from Accra to Kumasi mostly used by petty traders who carry their baskets of vegetables etc they purchase to sell on this type of journey. If you do not fancy having half a basket sitting on your lap or being compelled to carry a baby to sooth him from crying because his mother has exhausted every word she can offer to stop him wailing then this type of journey may appeal. Otherwise travelling north is a big adventure and you may want to preserve your emotions and, do the less demanding travel route on the busses.

Mighty baobab tree in Bolgatanga, Ghana
Mighty baobab tree in Bolgatanga, Ghana
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The Best Peanut Butter Protein Balls In A Hurry Recipe

The best peanut butter protein balls in a hurry recipe is simple to make. It  only takes 5 minutes to make and it is also suitable for both adults and kids as a snack. These protein balls can be eaten as part of a meal, as a snack or by adding to your grazing bowl, added to kids lunch packs and even served at parties etc.

You may choose to replace the flour, I use toasted corn flour which is a very common flour in Ghana and parts of Africa. You can easily buy the flour in shops in London, but if you live elsewhere, then you it will be easier to search for Ghana tom brown online or on Amazon.

If it proves difficult to find toasted corn flour, feel free to make your own by baking corn flour spread out on tin foil in the oven. I personally find this extra work and so I would avoid baking my own flour. However, you can buy toasted rice flour, soya flour, almond flour or any other flour that is marketed as ‘toasted.

Peanut butter is a protein and an unsaturated butter but it is healthy and rich in vitamin E, even though it has half the vitamin E content compared to almond butter of the same amount. 1 tablespoon full of peanut butter  is roughly 100 calories, so it is a good idea to keep an eye out on how much these you eat in a day if  you are on a restricted calorie intake per day. They are great for pre workout when you want to eat something light and protein based.

As you are making these protein balls yourself, you know everything that goes in, it also doesn’t contain any unnecessary bulking agents and preservatives and the best thing is that it is a very healthy snack.

The Best Peanut Butter Protein Balls In A Hurry Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
2 ingredients peanut butter protein balls
Recipe Type: Snack
Cuisine: Afro Inspired
Serves: 104g
  • 60 g Peanut Butter
  • 44 g Toasted corn flour(you can experiment with other toasted flour)
  • optional
  • chilli sauce
  • salt / honey
How To Prepare
  1. Wash hands thoroughly as you will be kneading
  2. Mix together all the ingredients and knead with your hands till thoroughly mixed
  3. If the mixture is sticky and doesn't fall apart, start rolling into balls
  4. (watch the video for rolling if you are unsure how to roll perfect balls
  5. serve when finished
You can keep your protein balls in the fridge for up to a week, but please eat them as soon as possible as it is not safe to keep food that is not preserved for too long as explained in the video.



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Sunscreen For Black Skin UK

Using sunscreens and SPF-based sun care products have been shedding its image that they were only designed for caucasian skin types as people with darker skin and black skin are now learning that UVB and UVA damage to skin poses the same threats to people of all complexions. SPF is acronym for Sun protection factor indicating how long you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned.

When you see broad-spectrum sunscreen on products, this indicates that the product protects against the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays and they need to absorb or reflect at least 90% of the UV rays

Sun light is the main source emitting ultra violet(UV) rays which contributes to damaging our skins DNA and leaving it prone to ageing signs such as wrinkles and more serious issues such as having a high risk of developing skin cancers. UV rays are emitted from both the sun and artificial sources such as sun lamps and beds and even the innocuous domestic light bulbs, laptops and mobile phones.

So it is important for people with all skin types and complexions now to protect our skin by wearing products that leaves a protective barrier on the skin to protect from UV radiation.

There are 3 types of UV rays according to   which causes damages to the DNA of human skin which includes skin ageing, raising risk of cancers and wrinkles amongst many other skin concerns.

UVA rays from the sun and artificial sources are thought to cause damage to skin cell DNA directly and penetrates through to the the second layer of the skin. They lead to signs of ageing, sun spots and may raise the risk of cancers. UVA rays accounts for 95% of radiation that reaches the earth’s surface and they can penetrate through glass windows and clouds, they also bounce off surfaces such as water bodies, sand, snow, pavements and grass which is why it is still important to wear sunscreen products when you think you are shaded or whilst out relaxing in the sun.

UVB rays are responsible for sunburn and affects the top layer of the skin within as little time as 15 minutes. They have slightly more energy than UVA rays and they cause damage to the skin’s DNA so they are are more strongly linked to skin cancers.

UVC rays are more potent than than all other types of UV rays. They also do not reach the earths surface as they get absorbed into by atmosphere so they are not thought to be a big risk factor when it comes to skin cancers. They are however found in man made UV radiation sources such as old tanning beds, welding torches and mercury lamps

Those of us with dark skin have for a long time avoided using sunscreens because of the chalky white residue we were never ready to deal with. I personally always felt comfortable wearing sunscreen abroad for some reason because I felt safe no one in little villages around Europe cared but back home, I somehow had no heart for walking around with chalky streaks These days, a lot of sunscreen are colourless and sinks in to be clear making it easy for us to wear sunscreen products without worrying.

With brands catching up with creating coloured products to suit all complexions, there is now also a wide range of sunscreen products on the market for people with black skin.

Some favourite brands are:
Nivea Anti Age Protection Face Sun Cream SPF 30,
Bioderma Hydrabio Eau de Soin SPF 30,
Glossier Invisible Shield Daily sunscreen SPF 30,
Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying SPF 50+
Vichy Idéal Soleil Hydrating SPF30 Protective Solar Water,
Bobbi Brown SPF50 Protective Face Base,
La Roche Posay Anthelios Protective Oil SPF 50+,
Solar Defence SPF 30,
Neostrata Sheer Hydration SPF 35,
Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

Oxybenzone is an active ingredient which is commonly used in sunscreens to provide broad spectrum ultra-violet coverage. It is thought of to be toxic as it can cause hormonal disruption, reproductive issues and allergic skin reactions and has been directly linked to the environmental contamination in the form of coral bleaching and die-offs which contribute to the declining health of coral reefs.

Sunscreen products are among the fastest growing products according to the Kline group and  are driving market sales and outperforming the total market growth in 2015

Learn more about UV rays

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Latest Nude Shoes And Trending Bargain Bags

Amazon is home to a curated selection when it comes to shopping. However, unless you are a seasoned online shopper who knows how to find the best bargains on overwhelming marketplaces such as Amazon which has millions of similar items offered for sale, you may miss out on the best bargains.

Shopping online is a bit like going shopping in the former TK Maxx store set up. You have to be a serious shopaholic who has developed a sleuth way of shopping where you know where to head to as soon as you entered a TK Maxx shop. I was never one of those people who knew how to scour the shops for the best bargains. I just simply always went in with friends who were good at finding value bargains.

Trendy Nude Shoes And Bags You Can Find On Amazon UK

[amazon_link asins=’B00ODECPZM,B018GQEJC4,B00T9U4X2I,B00XC957PY,B00UKKZXU2,B0176HMIRW,B01G510ZM0,B00DHRT9TQ,B01MRBWW8U’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’00a68d2b-9bf4-11e7-b231-77c697b062f9′]
[amazon_link asins=’B01CHXRPDW,B01LNLG6PC,B01N22O8DU,B00WWJ49IQ,B00NP2LJU0,B017LTRXKM,B01KMZZGZQ,B017J9Z52W,B073BB39GN’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’10fe5c34-9bf4-11e7-a910-5509f0fd9ee5′]
[amazon_link asins=’B01KO4I3L4,B01MSPCU8M,B072XX3NBY,B01M8PY0WK,B06XBZM6D5,B01C478BW0,B06X9SM8T6,B06VVB6SLD,B01FVGTSK0,B074DWDYXC,B01KO4I4GS,B01NCEI9AY,B0165BQUUQ’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’ab97c602-9bf6-11e7-99c4-557d337b7931′]

I am very familiar with how Amazon works as I sell on there myself. I admit that Amazon can be overwhelming for people who do not have plenty of time to spend looking for the best items for their money’s worth. Unless you sit on Amazon using a variety of plugins to analyse Amazon sales data, it is unlikely that as a regular shopper, you are finding the best value for your money. I shop on both Amazon and eBay strictly by checking sales data to ensure that I find rare, unique and the best value for my money each time.

shopping on Amazon

I have spent a lot of hours checking backend sales data for various marketplaces to have now worked where is always the best place to shop for which items. For valuable fashion items, I always stick to shopping on Amazon simply because Amazon puts restrictive measures in place for sellers listing items. This means that you will hardly find a replica being passed off as a genuine branded item. Sellers are penalised heavily for providing anything short of excellent customer service. This means that sellers are far serious and sell quality items.

I put together this list for nude heels and bags by checking for the most popular, trendy and latest additions on the Amazon database. I  searched for popular nude fashions searches to put the list together. If you can’t see well, I will list the shoe styles below for your computer to read them out to you.

The shoe styles are nudes in the following styles: nude block heels, nude color shoes, nude pink heels, nude low heels, nude shoes and bag, skin color shoes, nude strappy heels, nude patent shoes, cheap louboutins, nude heels cheap, dark nude heels, nude wedges.  Enjoy shopping and see you next time on here.

[amazon_link asins=’B012KNZ69E,B01C478BW0,B00Z6YW4IQ,B06VVB6SLD,B06X9SM8T6,B01FVGTSK0,B074DWDYXC,B00Q8SAX0K,B06X1BQMJB,B01EEJ5WMI,B01N9G8UXT,B06Y45JX92,B01N0IGTXV,B0178BBD3Q,B00KHS7NWI,B00L5HTJT0,B0748G1M8S,B00KGWDAIG,B075FXVW5H,B011XZPMEY,B01CCPKA28,B00KVFNV6E,B01N1O2URA,B01A879H4E,B00UXKEFK8,B01H54W6NW,B00CFM8ZGC,B072KL51V4′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’ed49eccd-9bff-11e7-9450-615a1d189144′]

Article on nude tones fashion  on here.
Shop for nude active wear on here
Nude Shoes And Bags On Amazon UK

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Glamorous Nude Heels Inexpensive Selection On Amazon

We have our fair share of nude heels UK indie brands if you are looking for high priced indie nude shoes to add to your collection. However, the Amazon selection includes long standing brand names that are trusted and well known for quality shoemaking.

Starting with Steve Madden who once said  “The pavements are my runway”  and describes their style as “all about being unique and confident.  Daring styles, jaw dropping heels, but always that sassy, sexy touch.”

You can find glamorous nude heels styles from the American designer on Amazon that are inexpensive but quality. I personally trust buying on Amazon when it comes to purchasing more valuable items as they put more restrictions in place to deter replica items. The styles below are in true Steve Madden style inspired by current trends, a bit of edge, urban touches and rock and roll vibes.

Steve Madden Nude Heels UK Selection

[amazon_link asins=’B01IX9EWL2,B01LZ2TM4C,B01N9O6HVQ,B00TIUPEJA,B014XLGSE8,B071S8FB3N,B018TWEVC8,B01MUGHZDC,B01N1IOSL3′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’555c800f-9be9-11e7-a656-3fae13fc24fd’]

Other Nude Heels On Amazon

[amazon_link asins=’B072XTNWL4,B01EHGTV66,B011XQWVNI,B01FKMG8J4,B00XGGWBCK,B00QBYKQ8A,B00R2UYK2K,B00Z6YWL9S,B00UVHK1D8′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’a87c921e-9bed-11e7-9724-fd7f1e43e31c’]

[amazon_link asins=’B01MCV3ISS,B01J1UQREW,B0756BZW86,B00KFQOHCG’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’e301cdbc-9bed-11e7-9d57-579996b3e6d3′]
[amazon_link asins=’B0757GNX16,B01G8JYZ5C’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’fbe4593d-9bed-11e7-bf2b-abbbf1645895′]
[amazon_link asins=’B072R5J122,B01N5DDYN2′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’2fd9e423-9bee-11e7-9d1a-5f9bb10d9bce’]
[amazon_link asins=’B072XTNWL4,B06WP6YDDX,B06XC9QRFJ,B071FYVB5G,B071RB1D64,B072K6BJJM,B06XGFXB6T,B0744MV4W1′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’46b94d39-9bee-11e7-a243-a171cdb06232′]
[amazon_link asins=’B06WP6YDDX,B06VVB6SLD’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’yaafumanti-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’65bd8420-9bee-11e7-9718-fb0c8592c73c’]

Our Own Nude Selection Can All Be Found Here

nude heels UK
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