Our Treatments

FACIALS: All facials are bespoke, designed according to your specific skincare needs using both products and equipments to help quenchand rescue skin, to brighten and smooth skin as well as give a healthy and youthful glow. Each facials last either 35 minutes, 55 minutes or 70 minutes and includes cleansing, mask application, exfoliation, heat treatments, massage techniques to tone the facial muscles by massaging the hands, top of shoulders, face, neck and scalp using high efficiency products for plumping, refresh skin and rejuvenate a youthful and healthy skin finishing with application of soothing multivitamin serums, barrier cream and complimentary lip & chin hair removal when needed.

Facials are designed to tackle: dry skin, breakouts, adult acne, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dark under eye circles, oily skin, congestions.

EYE MAINTENANCE: simplistic and effectively designed to enhance natural eyes beauty, this treatment will appeal to eco and ethical beauty fans. These treatments includes eyebrow shaping with wax, tweezer, eyebrow and eyelash tinting.

WAXING: using delicate and sensitive skin collection of depilatory wax suited to each customers skin to remove body hairs from its roots. Waxing  effectively removes unwanted hair effectively and with continues usage results in hair growing back much finer and with less stubble. Hairs removed from the body by shaving are only chopped off on the upper surface of the skin, using depilatory creams results in hair being removed from the surface and killing keratin in the skin resulting in hyperpigmentation.

Continuously waxing results in hair taking longer to grow back ranging from in 3-10 weeks the longer clients return for waxing. The skin is prepared by disinfecting and desensitising the area to be treated followed by applying soothing aloe vera lotion to help skin heal. Fair skin will experience short term redness which disappears between a few hours to a few days.

HANDS & FEET: Designed to address presentable hands and feet, to soothe aches and fatigue, these treatments include extensive massage focusing on the phalanges, drainage, deep scrubbing and deep moisturisation treatments using eco friendly wax for hands and feet, natural body scrubs or microdermabrasion to address problems such as age spots, slough away hard skin, improve hands and feet dehydration leaving it in a state that absorbs moisturises better.


Massage treatments are designed to use a combination of techniques to relieve pain, release tensed muscles and tensions and help balance the mind and body.

Bamboo, lava shells, hot stone and Thai herbal poultices are used to give a warm, gentle, relaxing and yet effective on even the most resistant tissues massage by utilizing combination of heat and poultice to target the deepest layers.

Warm massage incorporates using a hot or warm implement that pressed deeper in muscles. From bamboo sticks, shells, poultices to stones. Combining great techniques, good knowledge of anatomy and physiology. These combined gives great results to relieve aches, hormonal balancing and general wellbeing.

Please note that as a private treatment room, all bookings must be pre booked online to secure appointments. Onsite treatments are offered selectively only on certain treatments.


PRE & POST NATAL: These treatments are designed to be calming for mums and dads for pre and post natal. Using natural and friendly products that calms, soothes and re energises without over stimulating, treatments includes pregnancy massage for mums or dads to be be ,  mum to pregnancy facial and new mum facial, full body massage  & body scrub package, a totally bespoke present for a new mum performed at least 6 months after having a baby. This treatment is offered as a home visit.

Add on treatments can be added to other treatments but can’t be booked as a stand alone treatment. These includes eyebrow and eyelash tinting, small area body waxing and add to massages.


Onsite treatments are delivered to bonafide clients only or new clients that come referred.
These treatments are bespoke treatments that includes seated massage which can be delivered in the office and other non domestic locations. New Mum / Dad Package is delivered at home so you are not separated from your newborn and other retreat type packages including London spa day