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We will love to hear from brands that would like their products tried and reviewed for our readers who are mostly young, married and parents. Naturally such products would have to be of high quality and appealing to the described demographics and may be items tools, electronics, craft items, health or beauty products.

The views and opinions expressed about products are only based on my actual experience of using the products written about over multiple times. Where a product or service is endorsed and the brand has offered any form of compensation in any way or form to us to publicize it, this is viewed as a promoted review and will be disclosed. All promoted reviews will be declared expressively and any such product would have to be a product that I have personally tried. Under no circumstance is any product reviewed on here that I have not tried it personally. The reviews will not be influenced by the brand owner and we reserve the rights to choose which samples tested to write about. Adverts and affiliate products are displayed on the website to help generate an income to help sustain the website.

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